Looks are deceiving

Mark Madoski had planned to keep the date of march 10 th open to attempt to pull a musky off of the full moon. Me mark and nick got to mountain lake nj at around 930 on Saturday mourning. Within 20 minutes mark spotted a big Musky that swam past the boat. It looked like the fish were active and we got confident in getting a few fish. For the next 7 hours we drilled every inch of shallow weed line with all different kinds of lures with no success. Other boaters also reported nothing came over the rail. It was a freezing windy day but once again when it comes to musky fishing you have to keep casting


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Welcome to hell

Today me and mr modoski set out on a mission to catch a musky. Once again I made the huge mistake of targeting monksville reservoir. We launched from the boat launch at 8 a.m only to find that 80% of the area we wanted to fish was covered with ice some. The s.s soap dish was pushed to its very limits. After breaking through ice, fishing for 9 hours straight and completely draining any energy from ourselves or the boat batteries, we ended up back at the dock without even seeing a fish. For about the 30 th time in my life monksville beat me again. Conditions were partly cloudy with clear water temp from 34 to 40 degrees with a stiff wind all day



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Modoski the musky killer

They say it’s the fish of 10,000 casts. Well I guess mark must of cast 20,000 times in the past 3 days . If your up for a good challenge this is the fish to target.



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Just a bit of a tease

I figured I would start this page now so that I have the hang of it by fishing season. Russel,nick and I headed out today in an attempt to put some trout on the stringer before the river close for the open day stocking preparations. We started off at the rockaway river with absolutely no success at all. After arguing for a good 20 minutes it came down to going to the pequest or flat brook which would be decided by a coin toss. After more arguing and several u turns the flat brook won the battle. All said and done after a few missed fish 4 nice brookies made the stringer. We had a nice day on the river. Mark modoski also fished a lake in south jersey and had the line tight on pan fish all day. The fish are few and far between but if you can get off the beating path and put some time in there are fish still to be caught. Conditions today were beautiful with crystal clear water and a slight breeze.


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