A true die hard fisherman

This past saturday opened the annual trout season here in new jersey. Thousands of new jersey anglers flocked to the edge of all the rivers with all different goals from all different flocks of life. Some looking for meat, some searching for that monster, and others looking to continue the tradition with their children and even grand children. As I get older I am starting to realize more and more that I really do not understand this sport and I don’t think it is anything that any of of ever will. Usually with most sports there are goals and there is also a time when you realize that it is time to hang it up and just enjoy the rest of your life. This will never be the case for a true fisherman. As you can stare down the river and notice a 5 year old child to an 85 year old man that can barely walk both with the same agenda. No matter what you catch or what you accomplish you will continue to chase more until you are no longer physically able too. It’s just something that’s in your blood that some of us have have and some don’t. I notice in my life I have made many friends and I have lost a lot of friends also. But the ones that I have that I fish with I have never lost. And that is because although you have many friends And family that you hold dear to your heart the ones that you fish with are your brothers and the time you spend on the water with them is precious and irreplaceable. I can’t remember what I even did on my 23rd birthday but I can tell you about every big fish that I caught and got away in the past 10 years. As the weather begins to warm and The most sacred season has begun. I wish everyone good luck and keep on chasin um


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