Merrill creek. Round 2

About 2 weeks ago me and Russ took the new tracker the “chooot em” out on the reservoir for the maiden voyage. After bouncing around the lake for a few hours with nothing we just decided to leave. On Thursday we decided to give it another shot just in search of that one monster brown that this place is famous for. We arrived at the boat launch at 8 am with a terrible fog hanging on the lake causing zero visibility. As we slowly made our way out the fog began to lift. We started drifting shiners and air injected worms on the west wall from 15 to 40 ft for 2 hours with no success at all. I was completely determined to not get beat by this lake again so I really felt I need to change things up. I headed out to stumps an anchored up right on the edge in 54 ft of water. Within 5 minutes russels rod doubled over and he landed a nice 22 inch lake trout. While he was removing the hook uncle richies rod went over and he landed his first ever laker at 16 inches. Short on time and still looking for a brown we pulled anchor and headed for the south tower and once again anchored up in 50 ft of water. Within about 1 hour finally a rod went over and this was it. I really thought we finally had that 10 + brown because of how violently russes rod was going. After a good 5 minute fight I finally got a look and realized it was a beastly pickeral. Kind of disappointing but also exciting at the same time. We didn’t get that fish we were looking for but still a pretty good day of fishing. Really can’t complain

Location: Merrill creek reservoir

Weather: cloudy, high of 75. Winds 2 mph

Water clarity and temp: crystal clear at 53.9 degrees

Species landed: lake trout, pickeral





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