Thinking yellow! Not green

When most people think of st. Patrick’s day , they think of beer, green , and corn beef. We think of it as a reminder of a new jersey kept secret waiting to explode. Every year hundreds of thousands yellow perch around this week begin to make their way out of the big lakes and make their way up into small feeder creeks to spawn. They are also very hungry and very aggressive. For the past 2 days me, Josh Merrill and nick telesmanic have been at the bank of a small feeder creek less than 15 yards wide catching good sized yellow perch on every cast . I cannot give the exact location because it is not mine to give. The baits of choice have been fatheads, night crawlers and meal worms. Simply rigged on a # 8 hook with a bobber 2 feet up the line. In the past 2 days we have landed 404 yellow perch. 4 muskies. 1 walleye and 1 largemouth bass. We have gone though 324 fathead minnows, 72 night crawlers, and we’ve cut and frozen over 200 fillets of yellow perch

Location : top secret

Species landed: yellow perch, musky, walleye, largemouth bass

Water clarity: extremely murky:

Weather highs of 68 with no wind




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