The Shepard delivers again

2 days ago me and nick telesmanic headed out for a quick afternoon of crappie fishing on shepards lake. Within 2 hours we had 1 nice crappie but lost it at the rail of the boat. We decided for the last hour of light we would jerk the shoreline for pickerel just to bend the rods. With in the first 3 cast you could see the pickerel flashing already. From that point on we had had action on pickerel all the way up the entire shore line until it was too dark to see!!!

Today me and John fantacone decided to fish green turtle pond in ring wood nj. After several hours of fishing we caught absolutely nothing. Not even a single bite. Instead of just packing it in I decided to pull the boat out and relaunch it back into Shepards lake once again! Within a half hour John land and gigantic crappie and I landed a pickerel. As we targeted the shore again with jerk baits we had nonstop action all the way to dark!! For the second time Shepperds lake becomes a go to spot..

Location: shepperds lake

Wind: 0 to 5 mph:

Water clarity: murky

Species landed: crappie and pickerel




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